Delivery Time: 1-24hs


Activacion anual Miracle Box

1 año de soporte

No hay reembolso si envia serial incorrecto

Envie sin errores MICBXXXXXXXXXXXX (16 digitos)


Annual activation Miracle Box

1 year of support

No refund if you send incorrect serial

Send without errors MICBXXXXXXXXXXXX (16 digits)


This activation is valid for one year only! After the expiration you have to purchase it again, if you want to use Miracle software.

To activate your box and key you need to provide us with Miracle Key serial number. Activation will be completed immediately.

Please carefully read your serial number. Make sure you provide us with correct Miracle Key Dongle S/N. Serial number starts with MICBX letters! Activation cannot be returned or cancelled if you made a mistake and gave us wrong serial number.