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1.Always free Updates and Support

2.Can use all modules (Tools) until expirity date

3.Weekly/Monthly new version releasing.

4.Instant Customer support and help

5.Device (PC) can change every 6 hour later

Also same account you able to login in infinity product

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TFM Tool Pro Some Exclusive Features and Supports:

1-World First Vivo Demo Remove MTK Models Android 11 *(TFM 2 CRD)

2-World First VIVO Qcom EFS Reset(Maximum Model are Supported.

3-World First Latest MTK Huawei ID Remove Without Damage Security 4-(Maximum all Models are supported)

5-World First Latest android version (Upto Android 11)Tool DL Image Failed Supported

6-MTK Very Easy to use "Partition Manager Tool ( You can Read,Write,Erase any single partion easily)

7-Vivo Android 10 any model  Qcom/MTK Demo Remove(Diag)

8-Vivo Qcom/MTK all models are Factory Reset supported

9-Oppo/Realme all MTK Factory Reset/Demo Remove(Meta/Boot Mode)

10-Xiaomi/Poco/Oppo/Vivo/Realme without auth Flash,Reset Boot Mode Jobs Supported

*Oppo F19 Pro,A31,A15,A15s,A12,A1K and others all mtk factory Reset,Reset FRP,Read Write Flash etc supported

TFM Tool Pro Using Features:

#Any PC or Infinity Dongle Useable and Changeable after Every 6 Hours Later

#After buy any pack you can enjoy our all tools (modules) and all version, update and supports until your expirity date.

#Can use same time all Module in 1 PC

#Can Activate your ID on any PC or Infinity Card

#Always Live updating Brands Models and Features from online every time.

#Always save your all job history for future.

#Support Team Instant Help

TFM Tool Pro Main Module some Features :

Samsung Exynos: Reset EFS,Restore Original IMEI,Unknown Baseband Repair (upto Android 9 max 2017 devices are supported.

Old Samsung Support: Reset FRP in Download Mode,Factory Reset,MDM Reset.

All Samsung: Factory Reset Screen unlocked phone,Reboot to Recovery/Download Mode,Reset FRP ADB.

Oppo Sim Lock Remove (Upto Android 9,Oppo A5s etc )

ADB and Fastboot:-

Reset FRP, Remove screen lock without data loss old china spd etc,Factory reset in run mode , multiple apk installation,reboot to recovery,reboot to fastboot,reboot from fast boot.reset frp in fastboot,reset frp in fastboot (SPD).

SPD FRP Reset in Fastboot Mode(Old Devices)

Reboot to recovery Special: SPD(6820/8810,6825/8825)

MTK Module some Features

World First many Secured/Non Secured Brand Models are supported.

Read Write Services: Firmware,NVRAM,NV Data,Screen Lock,Preloader.

Meta Operations:Read Info,Factory Reset,Demo Unlock,Read Write NVRAM/NVData

Boot Mode: FRP Reset,Factory Reset,Reset Privacy Lock,Read Write Flash.Boot Info

OFP(Oppo Oficial Firmware) Extractor

Qcom Module some Features:

EDL Mode: Read Write Firmware.Reset EFS.Reset FRP,Backup EFS,Restore EFS.Factory Reset,Reset MI Account,Device Info.Mi Offline Jobs,Samsung Qcom MDM Reset,Flash,Reset FRP(TP/EDL)

Diag: Backup and Restore QCN.

Reboot to EDL.MI Factory Reset (Assistant Mode/Sideload),Read Info Assistant/Sidelaod Mode,MI Relock Fix(upto Android 8),


If Auth Securty Phone, Use Disable Auth from Tool Settings.

If Un Listed Models, Load Scatter Files.

If UnSupported Secure Boot Phone(auth devices), Just Select Auth Bypass from tool settings.

Supported some Brand and Model List:

*(Latest Updated Brand and Models List Showing on Tools from Online)

Xiaomi | Realme | Oppo | Poco | Vivo | Stylo | Samsung | Lg | Hisense | Huawei | Honor Tecno | Infinix |iTel |Symphony | Walton |Vodafone | Motorola | Lenovo |Wiko |Alcatel | Asus | ZTE | Lava |HTC | 4U | Nokia